Pioneer to Introduce AR-HUD Car Navigation System in 2012

Pioneer to Introduce AR-HUD Car Navigation System in 2012

Whilst driving, shifting your gaze between a tiny GPS screen and the road can easily result in potential road disasters. However, such hazardous habits may soon be a thing of the past if Pioneer has anything to say about it.

Comprising of a laser projector and a concave half mirror, Pioneer's latest AR Head-Up Display is capable of projecting navigation information and maps onto the actual environment within your peripheral view. This enables drivers to view such information without having to shift their gaze between the road and GPS device. How's that for a little science fiction in the near future?

Pioneer created a similar system in 2010, but it wasn't commercially viable due to its bulky profile. They've managed to downsize the product this year such that it is able to fit into a car, thus enabling the AR-HUD to be sold commercially when 2012 comes around.  To see the augmented reality device in action, check out the video below.  

Source: Akihabara News

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