Photos Taken by Samsung Galaxy Nexus Found on Picasa

Photos Taken by Samsung Galaxy Nexus Found on Picasa

Never mind that Samsung's Unpacked event (Google Edition) has been postponed till further notice and that it was supposed to have been announced today; some clever sleuthing by the guys at Android Next on Picasa has led them to conclusive data about the new Android flagship device.

For the uninitiated, Google's photo service, Picasa, allows users to sieve and search for photos taken with specific camera types or models. Vital information (device name included) are found in the EXIF data that is stored along with the taken pictures. Surprisingly, keying in the model "Samsung Galaxy Nexus" got some hits, strongly implying that the phone will be named as such and not Nexus Prime as speculated in the months before.

Android Next - Both pictures were taken on October, 8th and come in 3 MP resolution. Although this seems a little low as a resolution for a top-notch smartphone like the Prime, it can be explained with either the picture being downsized by Picasa through the automatic upload capability of Android’s Google+ app or the smartphone camera set to a lower resolution.

Not to fret, the Galaxy Nexus is said to come with a 5- or 8-megapixel camera. Both photos have been since taken down, which serves to enhance its authenticity since both photographers are present Google employees.
Source: Android Next via GSMArena

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