Pentagon Encourages Social Media

Pentagon Encourages Social Media

It's no secret that the use of social media services such as Facebook and Twitter has grown exponentially over the past few years. And rather than banning troops from using such services as a means of communication, the Pentagon has instead chosen to embrace and encourage its use amongst troops as a means of maintaining healthy communication and relationships with loved ones and friends.

Ars Technica - As Wired reported last week, the Pentagon has gotten rid of its social-media office, saying that using Twitter, YouTube and Facebook has to be part of everyone’s regular communications habits. (Some have more success than others.) And the 2009-era policy that enshrined military access to social media—the result of a hard-fought internal struggle—expires on March 1.

More encouragingly, Bryan Whitman, a Pentagon spokesperson, said that if there are security risks to social-media use, “we have to work on the way to mitigate that, but we’re not going to mitigate them by telling people not to use social media.”

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