Paypal Working on Mobile Payment Features

Paypal Working on Mobile Payment Features

We already live in a world where wireless connectivity to the net is fast becoming the norm, touch interafces are becoming the standard and all tech is becoming more portable and accessible. However we still have to deal with metallic coins and paper money. Fear not though because some of the world's best tech companies, such as Google, Mastercard and Discover, have been searching for a solution.

You can now add Paypal to the list as well. Having already made internet transactions a lot easier by offering a safe way for e-commerce to receive and transfer funds, Paypal is now trying to introduce mobile payments. The company insists that their project does not just aim to create a credit card and smartphone hybird but also plan to blend in barcode scaning and Near-Field Communication functionality which would enable faster, self checkouts.

Still in its infancy, let us hope the project develops so that we can do away with wallets all together.


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