Paper Batteries Use Moisture to Recharge

Paper Batteries Use Moisture to Recharge

Paper batteries? Recharged by moisture within the air? Sounds like something out of a science-fiction story, but this is as real as it gets when researchers from CENIMAT demonstrated an actual battery that's made out of paper and chargeable by water.

Engadget - Some like working with clay, some like carving from stone, others etch out of silicon, but the team at CENIMAT apparently really likes plain 'ol paper. The researchers there proved they could print transistors on the stuff back in 2008, and now they're making paper batteries too. But that's nothing new, others have made mache cells for years. What's exciting here is that these batts charge with water, and they don't need very much of the stuff to juice up.

Now, think of the possibilities. With Singapore's humid weather conditions, it could be the perfect place to use the battery, and have a perpetual power source to drive your devices. We'll have to cross our fingers for this to happen, and if you're interesting in how this paper battery works, click here for the full story.

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