Panasonic Unveils Full-HD Camcorder Designed for Active Outdoor Use

Panasonic Unveils Full-HD Camcorder Designed for Active Outdoor Use

Panasonic introduces the HX-WA20.

A full HD camcorder designed for outdoor enthusiasts, the HX-WA20 is dustproof and waterproof up to a depth of 3m. Designed for shooting with a single hand, its control buttons are bigger than its predecessors, making it easy to operate even with gloves on.

Besides its 28mm wide-angle setting and Intelligent 15x zoom, the WA20 includes the new Slow Motion mode and the 4-axis image stabilizer. The Burst Shooting mode makes it possible to capture decisive moments in fast moving scenes, while its Panoroma mode and artistic HDR open up greater shooting possibilities.

Also announced is the HX-DC2, which features intelligent 15x zoom and Active E.I.S for clearer shooting, Full HD (1920x1080), 14-megapixel still picture recording and HDR for various photo expressions, and the HD Writer VE2.0 Software.

Read on for the full press release.

SINGAPORE - Panasonic announced today the release of the HX-WA20, a Full HD Camcorder designed for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy shooting even in harsh conditions.With the ability to keep moisture and dust from entering its interior, the WA20 is optimized for shooting in rainy weather and dusty conditions. From wakeboarding and snorkeling to rock-climbing and snowboarding, active thrill-seekers can indulge in capturing fleeting sporting moments for a variety of rugged activities with the WA20.

Image quality also takes a major step forward in the WA20. By using a new image sensor and image-enhancing engine, it helps users to capture images in dimly-lit situations, such as parties and sunset scenes, in stunningly beautiful Full-HD (1920 x 1080) resolution. The WA20 also provides extra shooting diversity with the 28mm wide-angle setting and Intelligent 15x Zoom. Users can also unleash their creativity with the newly-added Slow Motion Mode, and enjoy sharp, clear images even when playing sports with the new 4-axis image stabilizer.

The WA20 also offers a number of tremendous features for high-level shooting. For example, Burst Shooting mode makes it possible to capture decisive moments in fast moving scenes, while its Panorama Mode and artistic HDR open up greater shooting possibilities.

Any user will find handling the WA20 a breeze, as it is ergonomically-designed for stable, single-handed shooting. Its control buttons are also bigger than those of its predecessor, which makes operating it easy even with gloves.

Uploading, editing and sharing of videos are simplified with the WA20. The MPEG-4 AVC  format (MP4) creates compressed files that make sharing on the web easy, and the iFrame  format is designed to speed up editing with compatible video editing applications. In  addition, the built-in HD Writer VE2.0 software is compatible with both YouTube and  Facebook, making the sharing process smoother and more seamless.

Main Features of the HX-WA20

1. 3-Meter Waterproof and Dustproof Design for Active Shooting
The WA20 can be used to a depth of 3 metres underwater for up to 60 minutes. It can also be used in dusty areas without dust getting inside the camera.

2. Slow Motion Mode
The WA20 records images at 240 fps (640 x 360) for 15 seconds or at 480 fps (320 x 180) for 15 seconds. It allows for playback of slow-motion images at 60 fps, enabling users to capture great moments in sports.

3. 28mm Wide-angle with Intelligent 15x Zoom
This Full-HD Camcorder gives the user a wider range of composition possibilities, such as shooting field sports at a wide angle and faraway subjects with the Intelligent 15x Zoom.

4. Panorama Mode
The WA20 enables dynamic 360/180 panorama shooting whereby users can simply swing the camera up, down, left or right to take easy vertical or horizontal images.

5. HDR
The HDR (Back Light Compensation) function allows for three images, taken at different exposures, to be combined into one optimal still image while suppressing blown highlights and blocked shadows. The HDR (Paint) function is a correction process which gives still images an artistic, painting-like effect.

6. Burst Shooting Mode
The Burst Shooting function allows for ten consecutive images, each at 3-megapixel
resolution, to be fired off at 1-second intervals for a total of 40 continuous images in about 4
seconds. This enables fleeting photo opportunities to be captured in fast-moving situations
like sports.

7. MP4/iFrame Recording
MP4 file formats, which are compatible with a wide range of devices, can be compressed into smaller files that are easy to share. With iFrame, the editing process is accelerated as the recorded video is in a similar editable format, making it easier and faster to import and edit with compatible video editing applications such as iMovie.

8. Built-in Uploader
The built-in uploader can be activated by connecting the HX-WA20 to a PC via USB. The user just needs to select the video inside the camera in advance for easy uploading to SNS websites.

9. 16-Megapixel Still Picture Recording
With the WA20, users can shoot high-quality, 16-megapixel still images by pressing a single button.

Other Features

The WA20 also features the following:
- Intelligent resolution
- BSI Sensor for bright, stunning Full-HD video shooting
- Active E.I.S. (Electrical Image Stabilizer) for powerful, 4-axis hand-shake correction
- Automatic optimal settings with iA (Intelligent Auto) mode
- Face Detection for capturing faces beautifully
- Handheld Night Shot
- Stereo microphones for clear recording of sound
- High-speed Reverse Consecutive Shooting
- Macro Shooting
- Nine-point Auto Focus
- Manual Shooting
- A stylish, easy-to-hold vertical design
- 2.6-inch wide TFT LCD monitor, which is capable of rotating 285 degrees
- Eye-fi Card compatibility for easy transferring of image data to a PC
- Micro HDMI Terminal for even more beautiful Full-HD resolution
- Compatibility with the SDXC Memory Card for large-capacity recording

Besides the HX-WA20, Panasonic has also launched the following products:


This product features an intelligent 15x Zoom and Active E.I.S for blur-free shooting, Full  HD (1920x1080), 14-Megapixel Still Picture Recording and HDR for various photo  expressions.

HD Writer VE2.0 Software Included with All Models (for Windows OS)

The HD Writer VE2.0 software features a "Smart Wizard" that starts up as soon as the FullHD Camcorder is connected to the USB port of a PC. By simply following the on-screen guidance, even someone who has never used the software before can easily copy video clips to a PC or DVD disc without getting lost in the process. The software also enables simple uploading of video clips to YouTube and Facebook, such that an inexperienced user can also easily post videos on the web.

Users can also set his or her favorite songs as background music, together with various effects and transitions, and even use photo retouch, with the advanced editing functions.  Using the newly-added Short Movie Story function, users can also easily transform  recorded still images into a dramatic short movie. Once the image data, a theme, and  background music are selected, the camera takes over to complete the story automatically.  The finished short story can be saved onto a disc with HD image quality, and easily  uploaded to YouTube, Facebook.

Pricing and Availability

The Panasonic HX-WA20 and HX-DC2 are available at all Panasonic authorized dealers from April 2012 onwards.

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