Panasonic Launches Lumix Fall 2010 Collection

Unveiling the Panasonic Lumix Fall 2010 Collection, including the world’s first Full HD 3D Camcorder, HDC-SDT750

Panasonic today announced the world’s first consumer 3D camcorder, the HDC-SDT750, which allows users to record true-to-life 3D images like those created by 3D recording technologies for use in Hollywood movies. All they have to do is attach the 3D conversion lens that comes with the unit. To expand the world of 3D enjoyment at home, users can view their recorded 3D images using a 3D TV.

Showcased alongside the HDC-SDT750 is the long-awaited DMC-LX5, a successor to the DMC-LX3, which when launched two years ago established a new category in the digital camera market – the premium compact digital cameras, widely embraced by consumers everywhere.

The new lineup also includes the following models in Panasonic’s popular LUMIX series of digital cameras: LUMIX FZ100, FZ40, FT10, FX700, FX75, as well as the HM-TA1, a new generation pocket-sized HD mobile camera.

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