Palit Introduces GeForce GT 520

Palit Introduces GeForce GT 520

Palit introduces a new DX11 graphics card with Fermi architecture – Palit GeForce GT 520. Support by DX11, Blu-ray 3D and the latest NVIDIA technologies, Palit GeForce GT 520 is designed to enable all types of digital media PCs.

Based on Fermi architecture, Palit GeForce GT 520 equipped 1GB memory on board to speed up your most demanding task. From HTPC and multi-display PC to 3D Media PC, Palit GeForce GT 520 brings you the instant photo and video editing experiences. With Palit GeForce GT 520, you can enjoy 1080p online videos, render high-res photos and have next-generation web experiences with the new HTML5 GPU accelerated browsers which enables a faster loading time. In addition, by the featuring the latest NVIDIA technologies and 48 CUDA cores, Palit GeForce GT 520 offers 64% faster performance than competitive GPUs at 42 fps in the hottest title StarCraft II. Palit GeForce GT 520 is the most affordable solution for entry gaming PC.

Equipped with Blu-ray 3D support and HDMI 1.4a connector which is necessary for full resolution 3D visuals, you can now immerse yourself in optimal 3D content with Palit GeForce GT 520. And the three video outputs including DVI, VGA and a full-size HDMI that will make Palit GeForce GT 520 suitable for all types monitor. Plus the compact low profile size which fits in variety of cases. Even more, the heatsink solution is also available for you to enjoy the silent cooling performance. Palit GeForce GT 520 is designed to enable all types of digital media PCs. It also gives the edge in accelerated editing, next-gen web browsing and optimal 3D experiences to your PC with Palit GeForce GT 520!

Processor Cores 48 cores
Memory Amount 1024MB
Memory Interface 64 bits
Graphics Clock 810MHz
Processor Clock 1620MHz
Memory Clock 535 MHz (DDR 1070)
DRAM type DDR3
Video Support DVI/VGA/HDMI


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