Oxford Dictionary Makes "Woot" And "Noob" Real Words

Oxford Dictionary Makes "Woot" And "Noob" Real Words

Just like what the Blue Fairy did for Pinocchio in Disney's world, the Blue Fairy of the publishing world -- the Concise Oxford English Dictionary (COED) --  saw fit to convert words commonly used words like "woot", "noob" and "mankini" into officially recognised words.

According to an article at CNet, words like "follower" which traditionally translates into "copycat", now holds a new meaning, to reflect its use in popular social sites like Google+ and Twitter.

While it shouldn't be any cause for surprise, this recognition is inevitable as technology takes over almost all aspects of our personal lives.  I mean even "retweet" is a word now.

This just means that companies like Twitter are also widely accepted as technologies that are here to stay. Take them away and you have on your hands a bunch of useless and meaningless words.

Good thing the COED didn't induct the word "TouchPad" into its pages yet.

To read more, click here (Via CNet News)

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