Overheard: Intel to Discontinue their LGA1366 and LGA1156 Processors

Overheard: Intel to Discontinue their LGA1366 and LGA1156 Processors

Intel has reportedly decided to discontinue their LGA1366 and LGA1156 CPUs. This move by the chip maker seems like a housekeeping effort  to make way for the Ivy Bridge desktop processors set to be launched in 2012. The processors with impending end-of-life status are:

LGA1366 Socket Processors

  • Core i7-930
  • Core i7-950
  • Core i7-960
  • Core i7-980
  • Core i7-990X

LGA1156 Socket Processors

  • Core i3-540
  • Core i5-650
  • Core i5-660
  • Core i5-670
  • Core i5-680
  • Core i7-860
  • Core i7-870
  • Pentium G6950
  • Pentium G6960

Intel first introduced the Core i7 processors in November 2008 with power-users and enthusiasts in mind. These LGA1366 socket CPUs were to be used together with the Core i7 compatible Intel X58 Express chipset motherboards. This family of processors were replaced by the Sandy Bridge-E CPUs in November of this year. We had the opportunity to review one of the successors, the Intel Core i7-3960X. The LGA1156 processors were Intel's budget-friendly offerings in 2009. The desktop chipsets supporting these processors were Intel's H55, H57, P55, and Q57. This socket was replaced by the LGA1155 which supports the upcoming Ivy Bridge processors.

According to techPowerup, the 45nm LGA1366 and 32nm LGA1156 processors in retail boxes will be available for order until June 29 2012. The tray SKUs will be available until December 7 2012 or until supplies are depleted.

Source: techPowerup

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