Over 20 Million Units of Samsung Galaxy S III Sold

Over 20 Million Units of Samsung Galaxy S III Sold


The Samsung Galaxy S III once again proves itself to be the most sought-after Android smartphone today by crossing the 20 million sales mark. This is very impressive considering the fact that it was launched 100 days ago in May. As point of reference, the Galaxy S II took 10 months to achieve the same feat.

According to The Verge, Samsung provided a breakdown of the sales by region: sales in Europe reached 6 million units, 4.5 million in Asia, 4 million in North America, and 2.5 million in its homeland, South Korea. 

The sales number is certainly boosted by the 9 million pre-orders from more than 100 global carriers. With four new colors hitting markets soon, it is expected that Samsung will continue to see the Galaxy S III flying off the retail shelves.

Its Samsung Galaxy Note device also did well, garnering more than 10 million sales in less than a year. Its successor, the Galaxy Note II, is expected to be available in major European, Asian, and Middle East markets sometime in October.

Source: The Verge


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