One Year Later, Where's Google Wave Now?

One Year Later, Where's Google Wave Now?

It's been a year since Google Wave launched to great fanfare at Google I/O 2009. At its introduction, Google Wave looked set to be The Next Big Thing, being Email 2.0 Turbo-Charged. Lars Rasmussen, co-originator of the Wave project, described it as email re-invented with the technologies today; i.e. the present-day solution to the old problems of email.

As awesome as its features were though, Wave seemed kinda confusing to the rest of us mere mortals, who weren't too sure what to do with all that power. And because Wave invites were scant at first - being a preview release - while you could be on Wave, you had a hard time finding other friends to Wave to.

Google recently opened Wave to the public at I/O 2010. So how has Wave been, how is it now and where is it going? Wired post 'One year later: Wave holds promise, needs killer client' holds some answers.

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