One in Five Women Would Rather Give Up Sex than Facebook

One in Five Women Would Rather Give Up Sex than Facebook


In this modern digital age, it would be inconceivable to spend a day without internet access, or not interacting with any form of technology. Smartphones and Facebook are probably two of the biggest ways of how people stay connected. And recent surveys show just how important these two are to people.

Cosmopolitan magazine conducted a survey involving over 2,000 women and found that one in five women would actually choose to forgo sex for a week in instead of giving up all their time on Facebook. And it doesn't end there; 57 percent of the women surveyed would rather stay glued to their computer rather than give it up for a week to have sex. 50 percent of the women that responded to the survey by Cosmopolitan magazine chose to give up sex rather than give up their smartphone for a week.

We all know how important smartphones are to people, but we didn't realize just how far people would go to keep their smartphone. And to show how gender equality applies in this case, a recent Telenav  study revealed that one-third of Americans wouldn’t give up their smartphones for a week to continue having sex. In fact, activities and items that had 50 percent of respondents who favored their smartphone included exercise, caffeine, chocolate and alcohol.

Source: Digital Trends


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