Omnimo Introduces Windows Phone 7 Theme on Windows Desktop

Omnimo Introduces Windows Phone 7 Theme on Windows Desktop

Customization is the key to everything, and it seems like the Windows Phone 7 interface can be experience much earlier, on your desktop. No, not through the emulator, but from the desktop customization platform Rainmeter, which created the Omnimo UI.

Engadget - Can't wait for Windows Phone 7 Series, but can't hack the emulator, either? Don't lose hope, Windows junkies -- you can still bring some semblance of WP7S order into your life with this Metro UI-inspired desktop HUD. Based on the open-source desktop customization platform Rainmeter, the "Omnimo UI" will overlay your desktop with a minimalist, tiled interface not unlike the one you've been drooling over for weeks, with live hooks into many useful services (including Gmail, iTunes, Steam, Twitter and SpeedFan) as well as the usual widgets and a host of program shortcuts.

But this isn't an indicative measure of how the actual Windows Phone 7 experience really is. Still, from all the screenshots we've been seeing, it does jazz up your Windows desktop and looks much better than your standard layout. So go ahead, give it a try and check out how you can do so over here.

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