Olympus Announces Two Single Focal Length Lenses


Olympus is pleased to announce the forthcoming release of two camera lens - the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm f1.8, a large-aperture, medium-telephoto single focal length lens, and the M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm f2.0, a large-aperture, wide-angle, single focal length lens, with both conforming to the Micro Four Thirds System standard.

M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm f1.8 (35mm equivalent 90mm)

Large-Aperture, Medium-Telephoto, Single Focal Length; Best for the Family Portrait with Attractive Defocusing Effect

One of the reasons many photo enthusiasts choose to move up from a compact camera to an SLR-style interchangeable-lens camera is that they want to have the ability to emphasise the subject of the shot by defocusing the background, as well as to simply enjoy the highquality photographs.

The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm f1.8 is a medium-telephoto single focal length lens with a focal length of 45mm (equivalent to 90mm of 35mm cameras) and a large aperture of f1.8 that has been specifically designed to make it easy for anyone to take advantage of the background defocusing technique of SLR photography. The combination of excellent lens performance in a light weight of mere 116g and prominent background defocusing is best for the portrait photographs of the family. Also incorporated is the MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) mechanism for fast, quiet autofocusing in both movie and still image shooting. A sophisticated metallic-style finish with high-grade texture and decoration ring gives this lens a clean, classic profile that exudes quality and performance.

Main Features

Large f1.8 aperture and optical design for soft defocusing proper to SLR cameras

The M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm f1.8 is a medium-telephoto, single focal length lens with a focal length of 45mm (equivalent to 90mm of 35mm cameras), developed to allow anyone to take advantage of the background defocusing. The brightness of the f1.8 aperture with a shallow depth of field makes it possible for anyone to shoot portrait pictures emphasizing the subject with soft, beautiful defocusing. The lightweight of mere 116g makes it possible to carry everywhere, anytime for occasions such as family events.

To implement perfectly round defocusing, it is necessary to make the vignetting as small as possible, as well as to use a circular diaphragm. Vignetting is a phenomenon in which the defocusing in the image periphery area does not form a perfectly round shape but instead is elliptical like a rugby ball. This deformation occurs because the light incident to the peripheral area obliquely with respect to the optical axis is limited by the diameters of the lens elements before and after the diaphragm.

With this lens, 8 groups of 9 lens elements, including two E-HR (Extra-High Refractive index) elements, are optimally laid out to ensure maximum image quality with high contrast and sharpness from the centre to the peripheral areas, thereby minimising vignetting. The optical design also helps eliminate ugly double-line defocusing caused by colour aberrations

Sophisticated metallic-style finish with high-grade texture and decoration ring for a classy, unified appearance

Simple, yet sophisticated, the textured metallic-style finish gives this lens a clean, classic look that exudes quality and performance. Designed to complement any PEN series camera, this lens also features a decoration ring that can be used to conceal surface irregularities on the hood mount at the front of the lens and create a sense of unity and coherence.

MSC (Movie & Still Compatible) mechanism for fast, quiet autofocusing drive

The fruit of advanced optical design technology, the MSC (Movie and Still Compatible) mechanism developed to enable fast, quiet autofocusing with a lightweight lens with a small number of lens elements. By driving the focusing lens directly using a metallic shaft and feed screw finished with precision in the sub-micrometric order, rather than using a gear, which is the cause of operating noise, the MSC ensures ultra-quite focusing.

The inner focusing system that incorporates the MSC mechanism adjusts focusing by displacing only one group of two small, lightweight lens elements. This enables smooth autofocusing with high speed and low noise. The smooth autofocusing promises comfortable, stress-free shooting of movies as well as still images.

Main Specifications
Mount type Micro Four Thirds System
Focal length 45mm
35mm equivalent 90mm equivalent
Lens composition 8-group, 9 elements (incl. E-HR element x 2)
Angle of view 27°
AF system High Speed Imager AF (MSC
Closest focusing distance 0.5m
Maximum image magnification 0.11X
35mm equivalent 0.22X equivalent
Maximum field size 118 x 157mm
Number of blades 7 blades (Circular diaphragm)
Maximum aperture f1.8
Minimum aperture f22
Filter size Φ37 mm
Dimensions (Max. diameter x Overall length) Φ56 × 46 m
Weight 116g
Provided accessories Lens cap (LC-37B), Lens rear cap (LR-2), Decoration ring (DR-
40), Instruction manual, Olympus International Warranty Card


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