OK Go and Samsung Team Up on Sensational New Music Video

OK Go and Samsung Team Up on Sensational New Music Video

Samsung Electronics is partnering with viral music video pioneers OK Go in creating the band’s latest music video, which will mark out uncharted territory for both music videos and camera brand marketing. The music video was filmed using the new Samsung NX100 to celebrate its launch as Samsung’s latest innovation in premium camera technology. Fans of the band
will not have to wait long, since Samsung is releasing the teaser video trailer today for all avid OK Go fans.

The trailer introduces the collaborative creative project between OK Go and the NX100, with an entertaining first glimpse of what is to come. The teaser trailer shows the full versatility of the camera as a creative tool with its revolutionary 20mm wide i-Function Lens. All videos, including the trailer and the forthcoming music video, can be viewed on

OK Go is the indie-rock band best-known for their hit music video, “Here It Goes Again,” also known as the “Treadmills Dance,” which featured the band performing a choreographed routine across eight treadmills in one continuous take. The video attracted a massive 60 million hits on YouTube and remains the most-viewed online music video of all time. Samsung’s partnership with OK Go combines the band’s inventive and creative approach with the ability of the NX100 to produce new and exciting creative moments.

A series of behind-the-scenes episodes has also been produced using the Samsung NX100, following OK Go as they embark on this creative project. The clips show the creative brilliance of OK Go meeting the technical ingenuity of the i-Function Lens, as they create a piece of video art that will be viewed, downloaded, sent on and talked about across the world. In addition, the episodes provide a fun way to learn about how the NX100 itself works. The series also challenges viewers to explore their own creativity.

The NX100 is the ideal camera for consumers who want to discover their inner creativity, incorporating the revolutionary 20mm wide i-Function Lens with both automatic and fast manual settings, and the fastest Auto Focus (AF) on a mirrorless camera to date, to ensure quick and easy quality shooting. The unique i-Function Lens is a proactive lens that communicates with the camera body. It delivers total image control with fast manual settings to ensure quick and easy image capturing, and also
provides customized settings optimized for the lens being used. The camera also has a lightweight, compact and modern design to make it easy to carry and delivers the perfect pictures at your fingertips.

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