Official Ferrari Themed Headphones and Speaker Docks Coming Soon!

Ferrari and Logic3 team Up For New Headphones and Speaker Docks

Ferrari stores allow fans from around the world to own a piece of the legendary Italian marque in the form of memorabilia that span from clothing to desk accessories and other notable collectable items. In the not too distant future, we might even see the list grow into consumer electronics with headphones, earphones and speaker docks.

Logic3 teamed up with Ferrari to debut in CES 2012 a series of iconic lifestyle audio products which are identified as official Ferrari licensed goods.

The products are broadly designed with two styles in mind and are reflected in their naming schemes as well. The Ferrari Cavallino collection aims to capture and invoke the driving experience of Ferrari’s GT series of cars with highly refined and luxurious aesthetics. The other is the Scuderia Ferrari collection that is inspired by the speed and technological innovation from the Ferrari F1 racing team and tend to sport recognizable characteristics such as sleek racing lines, Scuderia Ferrari badge and other such aspects.

Here’s a quick look at a few of these interesting products:-

The Ferrari by Loigc3 collection will be available from April this year, but no firm details on where they would physically retail. For now, interested folks can view more models and pre-order them online.

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