OCZ Releases Fix for SandForce BSOD Bug

OCZ Releases Fix for SandForce BSOD Bug

OCZ is first to release a firmware update for its SSDs featuring the SandForce SF-2000 series chipset. It is reported that such SSDs may face a "rare condition" of encountering the Windows blue screen error when the drive is woken up from either an SATA slumber mode or S3/S4 modes. 

The affected drive is usually configured as the primary drive with the Windows operating system installed. It is not clear if such a situation occurs on other operating systems other than Windows. The update firmware version 2.15 from OCZ is available for download now. A terse description of the update firmware can be found here.

Due to the uniqueness of the SandForce firmware that are released to each SSD OEM, any updates to them are exclusive to each OEM. Hence, non-OCZ SSD owners would have to wait patiently for their respective OEMs to issue similar updates. Owners of affected drives are advised to perform an archival backup before proceeding to update their firmware.

Source: HotHardware

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