OCZ Introduces Synapse Cache SSD Series

OCZ Introduces Synapse Cache SSD Series

New Synapse Cache 2.5 SATA 6 GB/s SSDs Leverage Dataplex Software to Deliver Superior Performance and Increase System Responsiveness

SAN JOSE, California - OCZ today launched its Synapse Cache Series 2.5” SSDs. The new Synapse SSDs are optimized for caching applications and leverages Dataplex cache software to dynamically manage the Synapse SSD in conjunction with standard hard disk drives (HDDs), to provide users with SSD-level performance across the entire capacity of the HDD.

This comprehensive caching solution prioritizes the most frequently/recently used “hot” data on the Synapse Cache SSD, while “cold,” less frequently used data is stored on the larger capacity HDD. The OCZ Synapse series features the latest and most advanced hardware and software technology to deliver superior storage performance without sacrificing HDD capacity.

OCZ Synapse Cache SSDs are available now in 2.5” SATA III 64GB and 128GB configurations throughout the company’s global channel.

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