OCZ Achieves Performance Record Live At Computex

OCZ Achieves Performance Record Live At Computex

New OCZ Z-Drive R4 PCIe SSD in Single Platform Server by Colfax International Maximizes Storage Performance on Current and Next Generation 4K Based File Systems

TAIPEI, Taiwan - OCZ announces the company has set a new benchmark of 1 million 4K write IOPS with a Z-Drive R4 equipped 3U Colfax International Server based on a Supermicro platform, which features 7.2TB of MLC storage.

As the fastest performing single server solution on the market, this Z-Drive R4 equipped platform significantly accelerates demanding transactional workloads and reduces latency across a broad array of enterprise applications.

This demonstration highlighted the Z-Drive R4's ability to offer industry-leading performance and efficiency for enterprise clients seeking the benefits of SSDs over hard drives. This total solution will be available for pre-order from Colfax International in multiple built-to-order configurations, and will ship in the coming weeks following the Computex event.

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