NVIDIA Tegra 3 Tablet Running Windows 8 Showcased by NVIDIA and Microsoft

Quick Showcase of Windows 8 Running on an ARM-based Tablet

It goes without saying that for this year, Windows 8 would become the most important operating systems across any platform once it goes gold sometime third quarter this year. We say any platform because Windows 8 is designed for both small screens (phones/tablets) and big screens alike (notebooks/PCs). Plus, it's made to be operable on the traditional x86 processing architecture and on the ARM processors too. Think of it as a much grander scheme to how Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) is standardizing progression and features across phones and tablets, only this time, the elements of Windows 8 are going to prevail everywhere. We'll share more on that on further updates but first, here's a demo from Aidan Marcuss, Senior Director for Microsoft Windows, as he briefly showed off  a Tegra 3 based tablet running Windows 8 during NVIDIA CEO Jen-Hsun Huang's media press conference:-

Rumors point to the product being an ASUS reference tablet since they were the first to have a Tegra 3 based tablet in the market, but we'll find out half a year later when we see who has the first Windows 8 based Tablet running on a Tegra chip in retail.

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