NVIDIA Prepping Their Own Dual-GPU Card?

NVIDIA Prepping Their Own Dual-GPU Card?

With AMD's dual-GPU Antilles making sneaky cameos at events, NVIDIA is said to be preparing a dual-GPU card of their own. Likely to be dubbed the GeForce GTX 590, reports say the card will feature two GF110 chips packing a grand total of 1024 CUDA cores and a whopping 3GB of memory.

Tom's Hardware - Last week brought reports that Nvidia confirmed the name of its upcoming dual-GPU card slated for a February launch.

Called the GeForce GTX 590, the card is expected to arrive in the same time frame as AMD's similar offering, the dual-GPU Radeon HD 6990 "Antilles"also set for a supposed February release. Nvidia is also expected to launch the new card in the same manner as it did with the GeForce GTX 580: surprisingly sudden, catching AMD off-guard.

A year ago when NVIDIA launched the GeForce GTX 480, we thought that there was no way NVIDIA could squeeze two such power hungry and hot chips on a single PCB without causing a complete meltdown. However, GF110 brought about numerous power and thermal improvements and it'll be really interesting if NVIDIA manages to pull this one off.

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