NVIDIA Now Sells Directly to Customers

NVIDIA Now Sells Directly to Customers

Days ago, NVIDIA-branded cards curiously began surfacing at Best Buy stores. Now, the company has confirmed that they are indeed selling specific GeForce models. Buyers can expect to get three years warranty and direct support from NVIDIA.

Tom's Hardware - Nvidia-branded graphics cards are now trickling into Best Buy, going up head to head against the similar offerings from its partners.

Both Legit Reviews and HardOCP have scooped up the $299.99 GeForce GTX 460 from Best Buy's shelves and found them to be of the reference design. The packaging also makes it abundantly clear that it's designed and built by Nvidia, despite being a product from the Foxconn factories.

We're not sure why NVIDIA would want to do this, but one thing is for sure, US$299.99 is far too expensive for a GeForce GTX 460 and a reference one at that. To read the original story, click here.

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