NVIDIA GPU Share Down 28% from 2010

NVIDIA GPU Share Down 28% from 2010

It's probably just as well that NVIDIA has a Plan A and B with its push into the tablet segment via its Tegra 2 chip and its continuing efforts in the GPU computing segment. For it doesn't look like its graphics business is as strong as it was. The company is shipping 28% less GPU products from a year ago, with its lower end products feeling the heat from the increasingly capable integrated graphics found on processors like Intel's Sandy Bridge. With AMD's Llano expected to arrive soon, the low-end discrete graphics market will face even more competition.

Ars Technica - It's Intel's fifth consecutive quarter of producing CPUs with GPUs integrated into the same package (if not on the same die), and, predictably, the shift has not been kind to NVIDIA. The latest numbers from JPR show the increasing bind that NVIDIA is in, with the GPU maker's shipping volumes down a whopping 28 percent from a year ago. Mind you, the rest of the PC market has largely returned to some semblance of normalcy, so this drop in shipments is not good for NVIDIA.

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