Notification Control - Manage Your Social Media Notifications at One Go

Notification Control - Manage Your Social Media Notifications from a Single Spot

Avid dabblers in social media or cloud services know that such apps are usually equipped with some form of email notification features. For instance, Tweeter has the capability to send you an email whenever you receive a direct message or a new follower request. Facebook has similar capabilities to that effect, like a 'friend request' for example. 

Services like these are beneficial if we need them, but they can be a nuisance if we don't.  While online sites such as the fairly recent enable you to access apps' permissions, there is a new service which allows you to manage email notifications from a central spot. The brainchild of Tim Kendall and Ben Lang, currently has 12 apps under its portfolio, with more possibly on the way if the service gains traction. Popular sites include YouTube, Foursquare, Ebay, Facebook and Twitter, while less popular ones such as Meetup and Forrst are available as well. It's also no surprise that Kendall and Lang were inspired by MyPermissions, which subsequently led to the NotificationControl iteration.

After giving it a spin, we noticed that NotificationControl still points to the app's site in order for us to tweak the notification settings. While it doesn't seem like much, it does save us the hassle of hunting for notification settings from application to application, as well as a couple of clicks of course. Lang added (with a dash of self-depreciation) that NotificationControl isn't the next billion-dollar IPO, but it's a lot easier than building more Gmail filters to keep your inbox in check. 

Source: NotificationControl via The Verge

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