'Norton Everywhere' Initiative Takes Consumer Business Beyond the PC and Security

'Norton Everywhere' Initiative Takes Consumer Business Beyond the PC and Security

SINGAPORE – June 16, 2010 – Symantec has unveiled Norton Everywhere, a three-part initiative to take Norton beyond the PC and extend trust to new devices and consumer applications. The initiative spans the areas of mobile safety, web safety across any device and embedded services on smart devices. Symantec is combining its own consumer security, backup, and infrastructure technologies with partners – to deliver Norton services to consumers in an entirely new way. This initiative means that consumers can trust the protection of Norton everywhere – across many locations, devices and digital experiences. The offerings will be delivered direct to consumers, as well as through new business-to-business offerings.

Products that are now available and to be launched in the coming weeks include Norton Smartphone Security for Android Beta, Norton Connect Beta and Norton DNS Beta. These technologies and other prototypes were demonstrated at the annual investor conference in New York last week.

“We are entering a new era where non-PC devices are exploding in numbers, which means more opportunity for cybercriminals. It’s becoming more and more critical for consumer to be protected beyond their PCs,” said Janice Chaffin, President Consumer Business Unit, Symantec. “The Norton Everywhere initiative takes a broad view of how Norton can deliver trust and high value to consumers and address evolving market needs. Symantec is the only company with the breadth of resources, partnerships, global reach and brand recognition to deliver security and more to any Internet-connected device in the world.”

Norton Mobile

With a never-ending wealth of new features and applications, the smartphone market is seeing explosive growth, and in fact shipments are expected to surpass that of desktop PCs by the end of 2011. Norton Mobile will address some of today’s most common issues for smartphones, including device loss and data protection. Norton Mobile will address this rapidly growing market by delivering security and non-security offerings for the mobile platform.

Delivering on Norton Mobile

  • Norton Smartphone Security beta for Android will be available in June 2010. This new mobile application will give users the ability to remotely lock or wipe their device from prying eyes via text message in the event of device loss. Users will also benefit from Norton-strength antimalware protection and call blocking for unwanted callers.
  • Symantec is now a Premier Partner of HTC MobilityNow, a division of HTC Corporation, one of the fastest-growing companies in the mobile sector. Symantec and HTC MobilityNow are working in concert for software development and testing on Android and Windows Mobile platforms.
  • Norton Connect Beta is a free mobile application that can access any files archived via Norton Online Backup or Norton 360 from your iPhone, iPad or Android device. With Norton Connect, users can enjoy anytime, anywhere access to files. Users can easily download Norton Connect Beta from the Android market or the iPhone app store today.
  • A new mobile destination is now available for all mobile users to access the latest news, videos, and downloads from Norton. The new site is available in English and will be available in German and Japanese in June.

Norton DNS

Norton DNS -- based on the Domain Name System which acts as the Internet’s invisible switchboard -- provides a safer, more reliable, and faster Internet experience by delivering a variety of basic protection services like antiphishing, antimalware and anti-spyware via Norton verified web filtering. Just as people associate Norton security products with scanning every file that comes into a system, with Norton DNS, every time a user navigates to a URL, it will be verified by Norton. Using DNS technology, Norton is able to deliver a free option and bring another layer of security to both the mobile and PC environment.

Delivering on Norton DNS

  • Available in June, the Norton DNS Beta will be free and available to everyone. Users can protect everyone in the home by either manually changing the DNS settings of their home router or alternatively, by installing a small application (available in June at which will configure Norton DNS automatically.
  • Also in June, Android users can access Norton DNS for faster, safer web access when on wi-fi via a small, easy-to-install mobile application.

Norton for Smart Devices

According to industry research firm IDC, there are over 10 billion non-PC devices that connect to the Internet today and that number is expected to grow to almost 20 billion by 2014. Furthermore, these Internet connected devices often have little or no security built into them. Norton for Smart Devices brings Symantec embedded security and other services into non-PC internet connected media devices such as Blu-ray players, televisions and media streamers, smartphones, home security systems, digital cameras, picture frames and more.

Delivering on Norton for Smart Devices

  • Symantec is announcing a strategic partnership with Mocana Corporation. Symantec led Mocana's recent series C investment round. This first partnership under Norton for Smart Devices is meant to provide turn-key solutions to device manufacturers eager to bring new devices quickly to market. Among other goals, our solutions will help manufacturers:
    • Securely and intelligently update a device’s firmware, operating system and applications
    • Remotely support a device in order to drive down a device’s support costs
    • Bring secure and robust online storage to a device in order to secure configuration settings, application data and user data.


Products and services related to this partnership will be announced upon availability.

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