Nook and Kindle 2 Prices Slashed

Nook and Kindle 2 Prices Slashed

Those who are looking for an ebook reader, now seems like a good time to buy, with both Amazon and Barnes & Noble slashing the prices of their ebook readers. Barnes & Noble started this price war with a new Wi-Fi version of its nook ebook reader while the original 3G nook also got a price cut from US$259 to 199. Amazon has promptly responded to this by cutting the Kindle 2 to US$189.

Ars Technica - Both Amazon and Barnes & Noble dropped the prices of their dedicated e-book readers Monday, no doubt to compete with the likes of the iPad. Amazon now offers its 3G-enabled Kindle 2 for $189, while Barnes & Noble's 3G-enabled nook is now $199—both were previously priced at $259. Additionally, Barnes & Noble has introduced a WiFi-only Nook that will retail for $149.

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