Nokia Windows 8 Tablets in June 2012?

Nokia Windows 8 Tablets in June 2012?

Paul Amsellem, head of Nokia France let slip in an interview with Les Echos that they would have a Nokia tablet running on Windows 8 by June 2012. We have already seen the partnership between Nokia and Microsoft bear fruit in the shape of Nokia Phones running the Windows Mobile operating system. Hence tablets seem the next natural progression.

What is interesting about the statement is the release date of June 2012. While there is no doubt that Windows 8 will be out next year, most estimates of the launch date have it being made available in autumn 2012. If the head of Nokia France is to be believed, Windows 8 could be out much earlier.

Windows 8 will be aiming to bring a degree of uniformity to the interface and operating system across tablets, notebooks and desktops. And the entrance of Microsoft into the tablet market might help expand the utility of the product if the new Windows 8 brings Microsoft Office support with it. While we all wait for the operating system, you can see what we found out about Windows 8 after tinkering with the developer's preview.

Source: Les Echos (via Ars Technica)

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