Nokia Retakes Control of Symbian

Nokia Retakes Control of Symbian

In a sign that its move to open source Symbian by setting up a non-profit organization - the Symbian Foundation - was perhaps not the right move in an increasingly competitive smartphone market, Nokia has moved to regain control of the operating system. The Symbian Foundation will henceforth be in charge of licensing the OS, and not leading the development. With most of its former Symbian partners like Samsung and Sony Ericsson moving to other smartphone operating systems, it's probably inevitable that Nokia has to step back in to steer the ship. 

BBC News - Nokia has taken back control of the Symbian operating system, 18 months after it set up a non-profit foundation to oversee its development. Nokia will control the future direction of the the world's most popular smartphone software from April 2011. Analysts said the move was inevitable as firms abandoned Symbian for rival software such as Google's Android.

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