Nokia Reinvents with Rebranding

Nokia Reinvents with Rebranding

Nokia's slow decline in the mobile communications market has been well documented. Once upon a time, the undoubted market leader when it came to phones, Nokia has been left trailing in recent times in the face of a whole host of innovative new products.

It is however continuing with its resurgence with a a new overhaul of its branding. The primary catch-phrase for the company now is "Nokia Pure". In addition a new font has also been commissioned to encapsulate the new feel and branding. It is expected that the new font will be followed by a new logo as well and the eventual adoption of both into all future Nokia products and UIs.

It seems that with Apple, Android and almost all other major players also trying to grab a slice of the tablet market, Nokia wants to remind its customers that the mobile platform is their one and main focus. - Nokia's current typeface, Nokia Sans feels like one of the great constants in the consumer electronics industry, a design that instantly screams "Nokia" the moment you see it (for better or worse). That kind of strong, tight brand recognition from something as basic and simple as a character on a screen really isn't something that you can buy -- it needs to be built and cultivated over many, many years -- so we're sure that Espoo's decision to chuck it and start fresh wasn't taken lightly. In fact, we're sure it wasn't taken lightly because the company has published an 800-plus word explanation and defense of its decision to kill off Nokia Sans and replace it with Nokia Pure, a font it describes as the embodiment of "beauty in supreme usability."

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