Nokia Pokes Fun at Apple's iPhone With Its New Viral Campaign

Nokia Pokes Fun at Apple's iPhone With Its New Viral Campaign

There's fierce competition in the smartphone arena, and when competitors sling dirt at each other in clever and ingenious ways, most of us take note. Take for example: Nokia's latest viral campaign for the launch of its upcoming Lumia 900 smartphone. Using a website thinly disguised as a launchpad for smartphone beta testing of sorts (, the Finnish company has managed to highlight the iPhone's weaknesses through a series of humorous videos - the "antennagate" issue, its fragile design and overly-reflective screen. The site also features a countdown clock that expires on April 6th and a video of a man who resembles a bored-looking Chris Parnell sitting in a chair.

BGR - While there is no mention of Nokia or the Lumia 900, WPCentral discovered a single Java script link-back to in the website’s source code, more or less confirming the company’s involvement.

This is not the first time that this has happened and probably wouldn't be the last; Amazon, Motorola and Samsung have previously poked fun at Apple with their ads. Check out Nokia's bold attempt at Apple-bashing below:

Source: WPCentral via BGR

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