Nokia N9 Gets Limited Availability

Nokia N9 Gets Limited Availability

Nokia's first (and only) MeeGo device, the Nokia N9, made its debut at CommunicAsia 2011, and it managed to impress us with its simple interface and well-thought design. However, given how the MeeGo device won't be the real sales focus for the company, it stands to say that the N9 might not make it to certain markets. Surprisingly, countries such as the US and UK have been omitted from its availability. Fortunately, smartphone-friendly countries such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia will be getting the N9, and you can be notified of its availability over here.

GSM Arena - The Nokia N9 certainly made a great first impression and a lot of people are eager to get their hands on it. That's why Nokia put up a webpage, that should help you find out when the device becomes available in your area. Interestingly though, the Finns seems to have no plans of releasing the N9 in some of the biggest markets in the world. Some of the countries, which will surprisingly miss on the MeeGo smartphone are USA, UK, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Canada etc.

Various speculations have been thrown into the hat, one of which points at these markets being the first to see Nokia's Windows Phone 7 device, codenamed Sea Ray and leaked over the web when Nokia's CEO Stephen Elop showcased it to the media. Should that be true, it does make sense, given how Nokia needs to make an impact with its sales number for Windows Phone 7 with no other competition from the MeeGo platform.

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