Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone Sits Upright During Calls

Nokia Kinetic Concept Phone Sits Upright During Calls

Phones are more than just phones. And if you want a phone that looks good, we've seen a few interesting designs such as the conceptual HTC1 by Andrew Kim, or a new contender for Nokia, the Nokia Kinetic.

Engadget - Cellphone concepts are a dime a dozen, but a couple of particularly interesting ones have cropped up in recent days, including Andrew Kim's HTC 1, and this so-called Nokia Kinetic concept from British designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins. Obviously, the most eye-catching aspect here is that prominent base, which is not simply a design flourish but actually houses an electromagnet that allows the phone to spring up on cue -- when an alarm goes off, for instance, or during a hands-free video call (simply flip the phone back down to dismiss the action).

It might deviate from the usual form factors out there, but that's where innovation begins - being different. And honestly speaking, it does grow on you after a while, especially the part where the phone actually sits upright when a call comes in. Given that this is a client project for Nokia by the designer Jeremy Innes-Hopkins for his final year at Saint Martins College of Art & Design, it could (but we aren't sure) become a reality in the near future.

Via Engadget

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