Nokia Introduces Open-Source WordPress App For Symbian

Nokia Introduces Open-Source WordPress App For Symbian

Developed by Automattic Inc, the popular WordPress blogging application is already available for the Android, BlackBerry and iOS platforms. Once again, it isn't a surprise Nokia's Symbian is a little late to the party. Instead of waiting for Automattic, however, Nokia decided to create the WordPress app out of their own devices. Apparently, the Symbian iteration offers more features than Automattic's. 

Business 2.0 Press - With millions of bloggers and publishers using what is probably the most advanced blogging platform, WordPress, these users definitely want the option of being able to manage their web properties on the go through their smartphone. Automattic Inc., the company behind WordPress, has already made available official mobile clients for BlackBerry, Google Android, and Apple iOS devices like iPhone, allowing those users to manage their blogs from those devices. Nokia users previously did not have an extensive client, until now, when the company announced the availability of an open-source mobile WordPress blogging application for its Symbian powered smartphones.

Better late than never, they say. Anyhow, click here for the full story. 

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