Nokia E7 Shipment Delayed, Slides into Early 2011 Date

Nokia E7 Shipment Delayed, Slides into Early 2011 Date

While the N8 was technically not delayed, the time taken from its initial announcement to its retail availability didn't help to keep the Finnish outfit relevant in the smartphone market. And now, we foresee hard times awaiting Nokia with the recent announcement of its Nokia E7 delay into early 2011. Its initial availability period, announced to be Q4 2010 at Nokia World, has now been pushed further down the timeline, due to a minor durability issue in the units.

Reuters - Nokia has delayed the rollout of its next top-of-the-range model to next year, another blow to the cellphone maker's plans to regain ground lost to Apple and Google in the smartphone market.

This, on top of Meego's absence for the whole of 2010, doesn't bode well for the Finnish outfit. Come 2011, will Nokia be able to pull itself together with its new CEO, Stephen Elop, or will it face a tougher road ahead with the presence of Google Android 2.3 or even 3.0 and Apple iOS? We'll know the answer soon enough. Click here if you wish to learn more about the Nokia E7 delay.

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