Nintendo Wii HD Expected Soon

Nintendo Wii HD Expected Soon

Finally, Nintendo fanboys can look forward to a HD rendition of the SD-based Wii console. According to various sources, there's a chance the refreshed platform might be launched at the upcoming E3 event. However, it is yet unclear if Nintendo's new gaming console would be backward compatible with current Wii titles, or if it would continue to carry the Wii branding.

The Telegraph - There hasn’t been a Nintendo released since the launch of the Wii in November 2006 and gamers have been eagerly awaiting its successor. Multiple sources now suggest, however, that Nintendo will unveil a new console at the Los Angeles E3 event this June. The Wii’s successor is likely to be more powerful than the Playstation 3, which Sony announced today it has sold 50 million units since its release, and the Xbox 360, according to Kotaku.

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