Nikon to Make Mirrorless Digital Cameras

Nikon to Make Mirrorless Digital Cameras

While major camera brands like Olympus and Panasonic dominate the mirrorless camera category, popular DSLR manufacturers like Canon and Nikon have chosen to stay quiet. Not any longer though, at least for the latter; the Japan-based tech giant will be releasing its first mirrorless digital camera later this year.

More details below:

Reuters - The company will price the mirrorless camera plus lens at 70,000 yen-100,000 yen ($900-$1,300), which is on a par with rivals' offerings, the paper said. 

Despite dominating the global digital SLR market, Nikon and Canon Inc are yet to enter the category of mirrorless interchangeable-lens digital cameras, which was pioneered by Panasonic Corp in 2008, the daily reported. 

Source: Reuters

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