Nikon D3200: 24-Megapixel Camera Coming Out This April?

Nikon D3200: 24-Megapixel Camera Coming Out This April?


If rumors were to be believed, Nikon would be releasing a new DSLR dubbed the D3200 (replacing the D3100 released in 2010) with a load of new features, including a 24-megapixel sensor! Along with the leaked improvements are better video functionality and Wi-Fi connectivity - features that are already present on some of the latest point-and-shoot camera models that allow uploading of photos and videos to social networking sites in a jiffy. It was also mentioned that the upcoming DSLR can shoot at up to four frames per second with an ISO range from 100 to 6400.

The announcement of this new DSLR is expected to come out next month. No price information accompanied the specifications leak so we'll just have to wait for the formal release. If a new Nikon D3200 were to really debut with all those features, somehow we doubt if it would still be positioned as a budget/value-class DSLR. We'll find out in the weeks ahead.

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