Nielsen Survey Shows Android Leading Smartphone Market in US

Nielsen Survey Shows Android Leading Smartphone Market in US

A recent survey conducted by Nielsen has shown that Google's open-source Android OS is leading the US mobile market share at 37%, with Apple's iOS taking a lesser slice of the pie at 26% while RIM's BlackBerry is holding on at 23%. Meanwhile, a recent app store analysis by Distimo has shown a clear lead in the number of free apps on the Android Market compared to Apple's App Store, though the latter is still reigning supreme in total app numbers.

Nielsen - Smartphones and the consumption of mobile data continue to grow in popularity in the U.S. – 37 percent of mobile consumers now have one – and Google’s Android operating system (OS) is proving to be the most popular. According to Nielsen’s April survey of mobile consumers, 36 percent of smartphone consumers now have an Android device, compared to 26 percent for Apple iOS smartphones (iPhones) and 23 percent for RIM Blackberry.

In the Asia market, specifically Singapore, we've seen a strong smartphone penetration rate at 72%, while 61% of consumers surveyed have shown that content and apps, which is highly dependent on the mobile OS, is one of their key considerations. If anything, these numbers are a clear indication that smartphone adoption and mobile data consumption will definitely be on the rise in the months to come.

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