Next Google Android Phone Possibly Named Nexus Prime

Next Google Android Phone Possibly Named Nexus Prime

As we wait for the next iteration of Google Android, dubbed as Ice Cream Sandwich by the company, word has it that the mobile OS will make its debut on yet another Google-branded device. Various news have reported that the Google Nexus Prime, as it is believed to be named, will also sport a 720p Super AMOLED display. The screen technology somewhat hints that the Google phone will be manufactured by Samsung, given how Super AMOLED has been exclusively seen only on Samsung devices.

Boy Genius Report - We exclusively reported details of Google’s first Ice Cream Sandwich smartphone — either a Nexus device, or a “pure Google” flagship handset from one of Google’s key partners — and we now have more information surrounding the world’s most anticipated Android phone. We reported that the handset would nix physical menu keys going forward, and would feature a monster 720p -resolution display, and we have now confirmed with our source that the screen itself is branded as a “Super AMOLED HD” display. The branding confirms our suspicions that Samsung will indeed be the manufacturer.

More details of the Nexus Prime have also been speculated, including a Texas Instrument OMAP4460 processor under the hood. If the Nexus Prime does come from Samsung's manufacturing line, this comes as a bit of surprise, given how the Korean company's Exynos chipset that features a dual-core Cortex-A9 1.2GHz processor is working its magic on the recently launched Samsung Galaxy S II.

Regardless, given the time frame that was earlier reported, we should be expecting the Nexus Prime anytime between Q4 2011 to early 2012.

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