Next Google Android OS to Debut 4th Quarter

Next Google Android OS to Debut 4th Quarter

One OS to rule them all - that's the impression one gets from Google's latest announcement on Android. The next iteration of Google's Android will unify the two variants of Android currently available, Gingerbread for smartphones and Honeycomb for tablets, with new features including a holographic user interface, enhanced multitasking abilities and the ability to connect the smartphone with a USB device, such as a mouse or an Xbox controller.

Wired - The next Android operating system for smartphones will include some features that were previously exclusive to Android tablets, Google announced Tuesday. Dubbed “Ice Cream Sandwich,” the platform will debut some time in the fourth quarter of 2011, Google officials said during the company’s I/O developer conference. “We want one OS that runs everywhere,” Android engineer Mike Claren said at the conference.

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