New Tweaks for Google+

New Tweaks for Google+

Facebook just completed the switch to their new Timeline interface recently and Twitter also redesigned their look a few weeks back. Not to be left behind, the new kid on the social media block, Google+ has also introduced new features and tweaks.

Unlike the other two platform, Google+ has taken into account the outrage whole-scale overhauls cause. Instead of unveiling a completely new version of Google+ they have decided to introduce and implement new ideas in increments. Visiting Google+ will not lead you to a completely new layout, but there will be subtle changes.

One of the more interesting new features is the Volume Slider for Circles which will help you "graphic-equalize" the content for your sets of people and friends. By moving the slider around, you can control the volume and frequency of how often posts from that particular Circle will pop up on your main page.

Everyone has friends who are prone to listing every single occurrence in their day on the social media platform of their choice. With Google+ you can now dial the volume down and keep your main page clutter free.

In addition, both the Notifications and the Google+ Photo service get interface and functionality tweaks to improve the over all user experience. Seeing that sharing photos is an essential use of the social media platforms, photo tagging has been made easier and a host of editing tools has also been added.

It seems that Google+ has been content to sit back and wait. The benefit of being last to the party is that you have a wealth of information already available to base your decisions on. The move to change the interface in increments is smart and the Volume Slider for Circles seems to be a feature that will differentiate Google+ from its competitors. Looks like Google finally decided to devote some thought to their social media platform after all.

Source: Google Blog via Arstechnica and Techcrunch

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