New Philips Monitors for Green Business

New Philips Monitors for Green Business

The new Philips office monitors come equipped with built-in energy-saving technologies and innovative features that help you effortlessly reduce costs all day long

THAILAND - MMD, the company behind Philips LCD monitors, is proud to present a new series of business monitors for companies and professional users. Four models come with LED backlighting and innovative Philips PowerSensor technology. This infrared sensor makes it possible to cut down a monitor’s power consumption by up to 80 per cent. The monitors are therefore particularly energy-efficient and suitable for companies that want to protect the environment and keep their budget down without having to compromise on quality. Thanks to the energy-saving technology built into the monitors, they lower your operating costs without you having to take any additional steps at all. The flagship of the new series of models is the Philips 273P3LPHEB, a full HD monitor which has a 27” display.

LEDs - Economical and of High Quality

The new business models don’t just make a good impression because of their low power consumption – their picture quality is superb as well. LED backlighting means unusually pure, deep colours are displayed; the contrast ratio is especially high. In addition to this, LEDs are environmentally friendly since they do not contain any mercury. They also consume 40 per cent less power than conventional CCFL backlighting. Besides that, they have a longer service life, do not need to be replaced as often and therefore cut down waste.

Eco-friendly Thanks to PowerSensor Technology

The new business monitors consume a low amount of power. Philips PowerSensor technology reduces the amount of energy required even further in models like the 235PL2ES, 273P3LPHEB, and 221B3LPCB; fitted in all the new monitors, it cuts the amount of energy they use by up to 80 per cent.

Philips PowerSensor technology saves energy by dimming the screen as soon as the user moves away from the monitor. The infrared sensor recognises when a user is returning to their desk and causes the monitor to switch back to its normal operating mode right away. The PowerSensor can reduce your energy costs by as much as 80 per cent this way whenever a monitor is not in use, which is generally the case during meetings or lunch breaks, for example. When in standby mode, the business monitors only consume 0.1 Watt of power. Most of them can even be switched off completely by pressing a power button. Large businesses, in particular, can save a considerable amount of energy this way.

  Model Size PowerSensor LED DisplayPort Adjustable Height EPEAT
P Line 235PL2ES 23-inch Yes Yes   130mm Gold
P Line 241P3LYEB 24-inch   Yes Yes 130mm Gold
P Line 273P3LPHEB 27-inch Yes Yes   110mm Gold
B Line 201BL2CS 20-inch   Yes   70mm Gold
B Line 221B3LPCB 21.5-inch Yes Yes   70mm Gold
S Line 221S3LSB 21.5-inch   Yes     Silver

The Right Model for Everyone

The new business range from Philips includes monitors that suit a wide variety of needs. The Professional Line (or “P Line”) was designed with professional users in mind such as architects and designers and combines superb picture quality with high ergonomic standards. Take the Philips 273P3LPHEB, for instance, which is equipped with a 27” display and Philips SuperErgo base, meaning its height can be adjusted by up to 130 mm, it can be tilted and turned, and it also includes an auto-pivoting feature. The Business Line (“B Line”) was developed specifically for businesses and features height and tilt adjustment capabilities. The Small Business Line (“S Line”) is ideal for small firms as it offers good quality at an attractive low price.

Here are some of the useful features the new Business series provides:

  • Screen sizes up to 27” to make working with documents placed next to each other on screen more convenient
  • Full HD enables best picture support, ideal for graphic-intensive applications
  • SmartImage – this intelligent technology recognises the application being used and adapts the display settings automatically
  • Ergonomic design to help you maintain a healthy posture when sitting in front of the monitor
  • USB ports to connect peripheral devices
  • 16:9 aspect ratio for widescreen viewing

DisplayPort Connector

Several monitors belonging to the “P Line” are additionally equipped with a DisplayPort connector, allowing your PC and monitor to be connected directly without the need for any adapters. With 10.8 Gbps/sec data transfer the connection is faster than DVI, it can be made using a cable with a length of up to 15 metres and it creates a perfect picture free of any delay. The connector makes it possible to transfer audio and video signal through one cable making the monitors future proof.

Greener Production

Sustainability is an important consideration in the production of these new business models from Philips: the EPEAT Gold award they have been given stands for the highest level of protection attainable for users’ health and the environment, plus low carbon emissions. Additionally, EPEAT GOLD certification guarantees that at least 30 per cent of the material used in their construction is recycled synthetic resin, which limits the amount of hazardous material used. These features make the new models from Philips the ideal choice for environmentally conscious businesses and professional users alike.


These Philips business monitors are currently available in Asia through all MMD distributors and selected resellers.

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