New iPods, Smaller iPad and New iPhone Coming This Way?

New iPods, Smaller iPad and New iPhone Coming This Way?

According to the rumor mill, Apple has new iPods waiting to be released possibly later this month or in September. Apple has traditionally announced new iPod models in the month of September, so this is highly possible. More interestingly, Apple is also rumored to be planning a smaller iPad, one that has a more compact 7-inch screen. And finally, a new iPhone model could be unveiled as early as January 2011 to address antennae issues. There's no clue as to whether it'll be refresh of iPhone 4 or a completely new design.

iLounge - Take this report with the requisite grains of salt, but here’s what we’ve heard about the upcoming late 2010/early 2011 iPod, iPhone, and iPad lineups from a highly reliable source. If you remember our exclusive first details on the iPad, iPod nano 4G and 5G, you’ll know that our sources’ accuracy level is very high but not perfect, which is about as good as can be expected given the nature of Apple-related leaks. (Except for ones posted by the always impressive John Gruber, who appears to be getting pre-release information directly from Apple.)

News of new iPods and a smaller iPad is certainly plausible, but a complete redesign of the iPhone in about six months time? That seems unlikely. To read the full story, click here.

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