New iPad Apps Up to 5 Times Bigger Due to Retina Display

New iPad Apps Up to 5 Times Bigger Due to Retina Display

There's always a price to pay for something - in the new iPad's case, it's a tit for tat, ultra-high resolution Retina Display for storage situation. Vietnamese site Tinhte spent some time with the new iPad and came back with interesting, albeit intimidating, observations on the app sizes:

  • Keynote is up from 115MB to 327MB.
  • Numbers has more than doubled in size from 109MB to 283MB.
  • Pages has almost tripled from 95MB to 269MB.
  • iMovie is up from a measly 70MB to an overwhelming 404MB.
  • No figures on iLife and iWork apps but they are said to be up to five times larger than their predecessors.

These changes are said to be cosmetic, with a focus on improved (and hence, larger) graphics for the iPad's new display. The figures above refer merely to the apps' download sizes: once installed they may very well take up more storage on your device. However, this new advancement does not only affect new iPad users; the bump in size will also affect those with iPad and iPad 2 since Apple does not rely on fragmented releases. So far, the observations have been kept within apps developed by Apple, but we are fairly certain that it would affect apps by external developers as well. If that's the case, those considering the 16GB might want to re-evaluate their decision... come 16th March.

Sources: TinHte via the Verge and Tech Radar

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