New GeForce "GTX 580" Could Be 20% Faster than GTX 480

New GeForce "GTX 580" Could Be 20% Faster than GTX 480

AMD's new generation graphics cards have hit the market and reviews thus far have largely been positive (check out our review if you haven't). However, unlike past releases, the new Radeon HD 6870 and HD 6850 are in fact actually "mainstream" parts. And with more powerful cards to come from AMD, NVIDIA is naturally feeling a bit skittish. Therefore, according to rumors, NVIDIA is preparing a GeForce GTX 580 that could be as much as 20% faster than the GeForce GTX 480 to keep itself competitive against AMD.

Tweaktown - The GTX 580 is supposed to offer 20% faster performance than the GTX 480 it will replace according to DigiTimes sources at video card manufacturers. The 580 will be a GF110-based video card and is expected by the end of November or the beginning of December according to sources. NVIDIA will also reportedly have new GPU families coming out next year.

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