New Details on Intel's Haswell Architecture Leaked

New Details on Intel's Haswell Architecture Leaked

Amidst the slew of new hardware releases like the AMD FX family of processors or impending releases like Intel's Sandy Bridge-E CPUs, the latter has already had its 2013 offerings lined up. This is according to freshly leaked slides which have revealed further details of Intel's Haswell architecture that was first announced this September at IDF 2011.

The CPUs based on this new microprocessor technology will be manufactured using 22nm fabrication process and 3D tri-gate transistors as Ivy Bridge. The Haswell architecture is claimed to be able to reduce platform power consumption by a factor of more than 20 times over current designs - without compromising performance. The slides revealed details of the "Shark Bay" platform and its new features. The new desktop processors will have LGA1150 sockets while their mobile counterparts will feature rPGA947 or BGA1364 sockets.

With the commercial release of the Haswell processors, we will expect to see a new slew of motherboards featuring the Lynx Point chipset; this moniker might cause some confusion as AMD current budget PC offering is the "Lynx" platform. Like the AMD APUs, the Haswell processors have on-die graphics chips which differentiate themselves by offering support for DirectX11. The Haswell architecture also features controllers for PCIe Gen 3.0. The most outstanding new feature is that it promises improvement to platform power. Hence, we expect to see this energy-saving aspect most prominently featured in ultrabooks and other mobile computing devices.

Source: Softpedia

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