New Browser RockMelt Targets Social Networking Users

New Browser RockMelt Targets Social Networking Users

The browser space is about to get even more crowded. For every Google Chrome, there are many more which fail to get any significant market share and which are never heard of after their debuts. Anyone remembers Flock? A social web browser built for Facebook and Twitter, it hasn't really created any waves since its release. Now, a new browser has emerged with a similar goal. RockMelt, based on Chromium, integrates your social networking tools into the browser and you can try it out yourself here.

NYT - On Monday, RockMelt, a company founded and financed by a group of Netscape alumni, will release a new Web browser, 16 years after Netscape introduced the first commercial Internet browser, and 12 years after the company was sold to AOL after its defeat by Microsoft in the so-called browser wars. “We think it is a fantastic time to build a company around a browser,” said Marc Andreessen, who co-founded Netscape, and whose venture capital firm, Andreessen Horowitz, is the principal financial backer of RockMelt.

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