NEC Participates in Global Trials for “World IPv6 Day”

NEC Participates in Global Trials for “World IPv6 Day”

NEC Corporation announced today that NEC and NEC BIGLOBE, Ltd. will participate in “World IPv6 Day”,  a series of global IPv6 trials scheduled for 8 June 2011.

These trials are being carried out to promote a smooth implementation of IPv6 addresses under the guidance of the Internet Society (ISOC), a non-for-profit international organization that focuses on driving the spread of the Internet and the development of related technologies.

The trials begin at 12 AM Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) on 8 June 2011 when each participating company’s website, including businesses that operate some of the world’s most influential websites, telecommunication equipment vendors and ISPs, will be accessible through IPv6 addresses for 24 hours.

NEC will utilize NEC BIGLOBE’s “BIGLOBE CloudHosting” services to enable its website ( to support IPv6 during these trials.

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