Native Hotmail App for Android and iOS 5

Native Hotmail App for Android and iOS 5


People who are still using Hotmail will be glad to know that Microsoft has released an official Hotmail app for Android devices and the upcoming iOS 5 platform.

According to SlashGear, the Hotmail for Android app will include functions such as push email, calender, contact sync, send/receive images and send/receive attachments. In addition, it has multiple Hotmail accounts, folder and sub-folders support.

However, Hotmail will be integrated as part of iOS 5 and is expected to be launched together with the new iPhone. Hotmail will be one of the account options under "Mail" which users can select and configure like any other email services.

Microsoft is stepping up its game in providing a competent email service to reclaim lost ground against Gmail on a wide variety of smartphone platforms such as Apple iOS 5, BlackBerry, Google Android, Windows Phone 7.5 Mango.

The Hotmail for Android app is available for download on devices running Android 2.1 onwards. To download the Hotmail for Android app, click here.

Source: Pocket-lint via SlashGear

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